NORM Technology Connection

This web site provides the petroleum industry with resources to assist with management of wastes containing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

The Technologies and Services section provides information about companies that can help oil and gas operators address all aspects of NORM management issues. Search for services to access the information that is provided and maintained by the individual companies. If your company offers NORM-related services, you can add your company profile to our database.

The Regulations & Guidelines section lists applicable regulations and contacts in state regulatory agencies. This section also provides information on organizations that have been active in development of regulatory guidelines and links to related web sites.

Technologies and Services
Search for Services: Find companies that provide the NORM services you need, where you need them
Add/Change Company Profile: Submit your company information to the NORM service provider database
Regulations and Guidelines
Introduction: A brief discussion of the regulatory setting for NORM.
State Regulations and Guidelines: State regulations and guidelines applicable to NORM
Related Information: Organizations that have been active in the development of NORM regulatory guidelines
Links to Useful Sites: Web sites containing information relevant to the petroleum industry and the regulation of NORM

About NORM

NORM occurs naturally throughout our environment from the sun and deep space, in our bodies, the food we eat, the places we live and work, and the ground we live on. Certain industrial processes, however, can cause NORM to accumulate at concentrations greater than natural background levels. The petroleum industry is one of several industries that generate large volumes of NORM-bearing wastes. For more information on NORM, see What is NORM?

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